Silicone and Circuit Boards

I use silicone sometimes for waterproofing electrics, so I did a study on its effects. The odorless bathroom variant (alkoxy silane based) is the way to go, while the acetid acid based (the most smelly one as well and cheapest) is the worst.

Acetic acid hardening based (Norwegian: Eddiksyre-basert herding)
Will chemically react with oxide from copper and produces acetate w/hydrogen. The acetate is an oxidizer that can lead to increased corrosion on copper and PCB components.

Oxime based / Etylmetylket[OKSIM] (Neutral hardening)
Considered neutral and will not react with copper, but can create stains. Less suited than alkoxy silane, but much better than acetid acid based.

Alkoxy silane based / Trimetoksy[SILAN] (Neutral hardening)
Produces only methanol and has no damaging chemical reaction. It's the best choice for electronics. It also attaches itself better.