Plex Media Server Migration

The process I used to move Plex Media Server to another server - intact. This may of course not work if you're moving between very different operating systems.

  1. Install and run PMS on the new server, then make sure to shut it down entirely after the initial post-install launch. Next, stop Plex Media Server from running on the old server.
  2. Back up the registry key: "Computer \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Plex, Inc \ Plex Media Server" on the old server and install it on the new one.
  3. Copy all the AppData folders inside the Plex Media Server folder, except for the one named "Plug-ins", to the new server respectively. (tip: compress everything first to a single file, I recommend using 7-Zip).

PMS should have its old settings, metadata, libraries and cache intact when you start it on the new server. Just make sure the library paths are correct in advance, if you're not sure they'll be, then make sure you disable the automatic emptying of trash after every scan before you perform the migration steps above. You'll find it in server settings under the "Library" menu-item.